Chad + Sara + Chloe | Charleston Family Session

ladies and fellas! i am so freakin' excited to share this post with you all because it just makes me so unbelievably happy. Chad reached out to me a few weeks ago inquiring about a family session. that's right ladies. . . Chad did. i'm not even going to lie, i was surprised because it was the very first time i was approached by a dad requesting a photo shoot! he wanted to surprise Sara with a family session and i thought it was the most romantic thing i've ever heard. a huge BRAVO to you Chad because there is no better gift. i've said it several times in the past, but i'll say it again... life moves at lightning speed and capturing fleeting moments like the ones below is why i love my job. so fellas, i hope to hear more of you! 

it was wonderful getting to know Chad, Sara, and Chloe! and even though it was a very very chilly spring morning in charleston, there is no denying the warmth of this family.