Timothy + Ivey | Charleston Session

had the pleasure of meeting Timothy + Ivey last weekend! these two recently got married and their love story was something else. Timothy serves in the air force and fly's C-17's. in fact, the very next day he was leaving for a mission and so i was happy we were able to squeeze in a session before he had to go. Timothy + Ivey started out as friends until as Timothy puts it. . . he got the guts to ask her out on a date :) their love for each other grew, despite the challenges of  a long distance relationship (Timothy was in Charleston and Ivey was still in Alabama). over the course of a few months, Ivey moved here to the low country and Timothy popped the question and the two wed shortly after that. i was able to see the dedication these two have for one another within just a few short minutes of meeting them. 

unfortunately they are leaving charleston soon since the Air Force needs Timothy in St. Louis, but i hope i run into these two again in the future!! as they begin their new journey i wish them the best and i have no doubt that their love will continue to grow. congrats you two and thank you Timothy for serving in the air force and protecting our nation.