Newborn Session - Emilia Kayte

it's always an honor and privilege when friends and family ask me to take their engagement photos, wedding photos, family photos, etc. i mean if i can't share my work with friends and family then why be in this business at all, right?! but when i get asked by friends and family to document and capture images of their little one, there little bundle of joy, the most important and precious little human being in their entire life . . . that is really something. and that's how i felt when Marc and Meghan asked me to take pictures of Emilia Kayte

you guys, she's adorable. beautiful. perfect. and Marc & Meghan make one heck of a team. 

newborn sessions aren't easy. actually their quite tough and take a LOT of patience and time.  Marc & Meghan (along with mom & grandma) stuck it out like champs. Emilia certainly did not want to miss out on the party, so baby girl was wide awake for the entire session but i think we got some great images of her and i honestly think this showcases her personality more than anything. and can we talk about how strong this little girl is? during the session, at 11 days old, she was trying to lift her own head up and i swear she attempted to stand up on her own at one point. so much strength for one tiny little person :) 

now without further adieu, enjoy some of my favorite images from our session.