Boudoir Sessions// free yourself of boundaries

alright everyone, brace yourself! yes, the photos below are rated PG-13 and yes this post is out of the norm as far as my every day posts go but i'm amped! i've been jumping up and down in anticipation of announcing that i will now be offering boudoir sessions to my clients! 

now maybe boudoir sessions are not your cup of tea, and that's OK! maybe the sheer thought of getting all dolled up and strutting your stuff in front of a camera makes you want to hide and take cover . . . and that's OK too! but let me tell you about these "boudoir sessions". they are incredible, p o w e r f u l, eye opening, and liberating. these sessions have quickly become one of my all time favorite parts of my job and i'm encouraging you to give it a try. 

most photographers will try to sell you on the idea that boudoir sessions are for your man. but i'm not going to do that. and it's because i strongly believe that these sessions are all about you. my objectives behind these sessions is to uncover and reveal your natural BEAUTY (no pun intended), to help free yourself of boundaries, and to give you the opportunity to kick all those thoughts that have to do with imperfections and flaws to the curbside. these sessions are about you, and your man comes second. 

now i know some of you may be thinking . . . i don't think i'll feel comfortable being there solo in my lingerie. and hey, i hear ya! i want my clients to be 100% comfortable during our sessions because i know that being comfortable leads to better photos. so let me tell you what i can bring to the table. i'll bring lots of energy, i'll bring lots of great ideas, i love to laugh and joke with my clients to help lighten up the mood, and i'll be your biggest fan because i am a strong supporter of women having a positive self image. plus did i mention that there will be snacks, champagne, and jam music?! and after all that, if you still don't think you will be 100% comfortable then i encourage you to bring a friend along who can laugh with you and put you more at ease. heck, want to bring multiple friends along and do multiple boudoir sessions? sure, i am game! as long as it makes you more comfortable with the situation. 

so, here's the scoop on how all of this works. 

1. message me for booking, pricing details, questions + availability! 

2. i'll provide the snacks, bubbly, and jam music!

3. bring sexy outfits. a good rule of thumb: bring something white, something black, and something bright in color so you can mix and match. in addition to the lingerie, don't forget your heels and jewelry. 

4. bring a girlfriend with you only if you feel that it would put you more at ease. tip: make sure you pick the friend who makes you laugh so hard that your stomach hurts. this is supposed to be fun!

5. strut your stuff and flaunt your sexiness!

6. payment of $150 includes: copy rights of all edited images, snacks+champagne, private gallery to view all edited images, color/black&white images, time+talent.

the $150 session fee is a special discounted rate for the months of January & February only. book now and get this AWESOME rate. and if i haven't convinced you that these sessions are life changing for a woman, then maybe these images will.