Gold Standard Strength - get your workout on!

up early and at it! ( thanks to my mocha from starbucks and a killer playlist on pandora). I've been listening to a lot of oriental uno radio lately, and i can assure you the playlist on pandora won't disappoint you. do it! 

i wanted to kick off the weekend with some fierce images that i took the other day. i had the privilege of going downtown to BIG Work Fitness Factory and met up with Ryan Thiele from Gold Standard Strength (GSS). those attending his boot camp class that morning were fiercer than ever and as you can imagine i felt like a complete slacker. the group inspired me to get back on that fitness wagon because they kicked some serious butt that morning. kudos guys, because i know from experience that the class isn't easy. ryan's boot camp classes are challenging but more rewarding than ever. the first class is by far the hardest, but it gets so good after that first day ( so so good). i for one was seeking energy, strength, and that "i feel good!!!!" feeling and GSS delivered. can't wait for monday's am class, it's one stellar way to start off the week!

i can simply put that GSS provides specialized programs to help you lose weight, but it's so much more than that! having done the boot camp sessions myself, i can honestly tell you that they implement accountability. for me, that was the most critical aspect of the program because as stated before i can be a slacker sometimes, especially when it comes to fitness. at GSS they provide you with 24/7 access to a fitness specialist, accountability reports, and weekly scheduled one-on-one consultations so that you can reach your goal successfully.

GSS is a little community in itself, where you'll meet amazing people; learn a ton about your body, get insight on good nutrition and how to exercise correctly; and most importantly, experience some of the most hardcore, exhausting, fun and rewarding workouts you've ever been proud to brag to your friends about the next day. i am so proud of ryan and all the patience, guidance, and expertise he provides to so many people who are looking for that feel good feeling! 

for all of you thinking about getting fit, losing a few pounds, getting toned, being proactive and preventing the holiday weight from creeping up on you. . .  i highly encourage you to get in touch with Ryan @ GSS ( and talk to him about the different programs he can offer you to help you.  you can also like his facebook page here for some stellar free information on diet, nutrition, exercises, etc.

and be sure to mention that you heard of GSS from yours truly and ryan will extend a 15% discount towards January's biggest loser bootcamp fee. go push yourself to new fitness heights ya'll, and if you need a little inspiration then check out some of these images below. now if you will excuse me, this slacker needs to go for a RUN like now.