Twenty something years of friendship. . .

first and foremost, happy veterans day! thank you to all who have served or are serving our country. my gratitude runs deep and i thank you for your bravery and the sacrifices you have made to give us our freedom!

had the privilege of hanging out with these four wonderful ladies this past weekend (one of them is my mother . . . can you guess which one??!!) had such a fabulous weekend celebrating Esther's birthday and showing our guests around charleston and all the beauty that exists here. the weather was perfection, the food was top notch, and the company was even better. 

we had about twenty minutes before i had to run to my photo shoot on saturday and i decided to test their spontaneity, and asked if they wanted to do a photo shoot with the four of them. sure enough, they still got it! i mean, how often do you have four of your best friends in one place at the same time? Esther was visiting from Texas, Patty from Colorado, Julie from Virginia, and mom lives here in South Carolina. it was the quickest photo shoot ever but i think we got some pretty stellar images. 

there is something to say about friendship, especially when you've been friends for twenty something years. hanging out with these four this weekend helped me to grasp the fact that we are nothing without our friends. they make us stronger, they are honest, they listen, they come visit you because it's important to invest your time and reconnect face to face after being apart for so long. these ladies do just that for each other and i don't think the laughter ever really stopped this weekend. i think it was constant, loud, and beautiful. . . and that is what it is all about. 

i'm lucky enough to have friends like this. friends that lift me up when i'm down, friends that don't sugar coat it, friends who i know will be there for me no matter what. and it makes me happy to think that this WILL be us in ten more years. . .  drinks in our hand, laughing way too loudly, and posing for photo shoots. because when you have all of your best friends in the same place at the same time you break out the camera! :)

here is what twenty something years of friendship look like. . .