Saied + Natasha + Baby G | Maternity Session

the last time i photographed these two was at their wedding almost a year ago! i remember them being surrounding by their friends and family, saying their i do's, and watched as they had their "WE F R E A K I N' DID IT" moment with tears in my eyes. the time before that was their engagement session. we booked an early morning session in downtown charleston and the cobble stone streets were their's for the taking. and now these two are about to embark on a new journey  - being parents! being able to document every major milestone for these two over the last few years has been an unbelievable honor. 

my heart is f u l l and i am grateful to have these two in my life! they are going to be hella awesome parents and i can't wait to meet BABY G!


Julie + Tony's Wedding | The Lake House at Bulow

just wrapped up one of my favorite weddings of the season! this wedding made my heart do flips! I was lucky enough to document the love of the all too adorable couple - Tony + Julie. they were simply amazing to work with! their energy and Julie's laugh were contagious! these two spent their entire wedding day just being fully immersed in all that surrounded them, and their wedding couldn't have been more wonderful if they tried. the enormity of their love is evident in everything they do and it was truly an honor to document all the beauty of their day. its weddings and people like this that make me LOVE my job. 


Charleston Strong | Thousands Unite at Mother Emanuel AME Church

over 3,000 people stood together as ONE on Sunday in downtown Charleston, in honor of the nine precious souls who lost their lives last week. it was truly remarkable to witness such a powerful event. my mother, sister, and i joined our community in what only could be described as beautiful. 

even in the midst of a Charleston heat wave, thousands came together to show their support and love for the families of those who lost their loved ones. i could not have been more proud of our loving and supportive community, and the example we've set for the nation. This is how a city centered in love answers to hate and racial discrimination. . . by demonstrating an outpouring of love for our neighbors,

let us continue to celebrate unity in remembrance of Cynthia, Suzie, Ethel, DePayne, Clementa, Tywanza, Daniel, Sharonda, and Myra. let us continue to sing songs and prayers through our streets of Charleston. let us continue to dissolve the lines of race & gender until they are no more. 

my thoughts and prayers go out to the victim's families. may you find peace and strength in the days ahead.

c h a r l e s t o n  s t r o n g  


Jarvis + Nikia | Engagement Session

what a privilege it was meeting these two, who are scheduled to get married this year! they were spectacular, stylish, and stunning and i was absolutely thrilled to be the lucky photographer who got to capture this special time in their lives. now cue the fireworks, and enjoy some of my favorites from our session. 

Jarvis + Nikia, you all are beautiful together. 

Kenny + Rachel | Charleston Engagement Session

the 2015 wedding season is in full swing and my heart is FULL from all the amazing couples i have had the opportunity to meet. these engagement sessions are by far my favorite because it provides an opportunity for couples to just let go + be in the moment and these two Clemson grads did just that. 

meet Rachel and Kenny, scheduled to tie the knot in September. they met at a swing dancing class when they both moved to charleston and started dating soon after that.  these two were so relaxed and easy going and they were so smitten for one another! you can just see the enormity of their love through these images and our session couldn't have been more wonderful if we tried. . . 


Matt + Allison | Charleston Engagement Session

meet Matt + Allison! these two are tying the knot this upcoming september at the aquarium and i am the lucky photographer who gets to document their beautiful day :)  i met Allison at the bridal show this past February and we just clicked! i was thrilled to hear from her following the show and was even happier when her date was open on my calendar! in the midst of all the wedding planning we nailed down a time to shoot their engagement pictures in downtown charleston. i just love these photos and especially love the ones where they included Jake, who totally rocked it with some killer smiles. 

congratulations you two! i look forward to shooting your wedding in september, and i hope you enjoy some of my favorites from our session below. 

Chad + Sara + Chloe | Charleston Family Session

ladies and fellas! i am so freakin' excited to share this post with you all because it just makes me so unbelievably happy. Chad reached out to me a few weeks ago inquiring about a family session. that's right ladies. . . Chad did. i'm not even going to lie, i was surprised because it was the very first time i was approached by a dad requesting a photo shoot! he wanted to surprise Sara with a family session and i thought it was the most romantic thing i've ever heard. a huge BRAVO to you Chad because there is no better gift. i've said it several times in the past, but i'll say it again... life moves at lightning speed and capturing fleeting moments like the ones below is why i love my job. so fellas, i hope to hear more of you! 

it was wonderful getting to know Chad, Sara, and Chloe! and even though it was a very very chilly spring morning in charleston, there is no denying the warmth of this family. 

Gray+ Caroline | Newborn Session

meet Gray + Caroline, my very first twin newborn session! i got to meet these adorable little cuties when they were only 7 days old, and let me tell you… instant baby fever! i was so unbelievably honored when Beau and Kathryn asked me to take photos of their little ones shortly after they were born.

Beau and Kathryn are dear friends of ours and i remember smiling from ear to ear the day they announced they were having TWINS! i've known these two for some time now because we all attended the citadel together when we were pursuing our masters degrees. the love and dedication these two show each other every day is simply amazing to witness and i couldn't be more happier for their beautiful family of four! 

i just love being able to encapsulate this fleeting time for new parents! now get ready for a whole lot of cute . . .

Timothy + Ivey | Charleston Session

had the pleasure of meeting Timothy + Ivey last weekend! these two recently got married and their love story was something else. Timothy serves in the air force and fly's C-17's. in fact, the very next day he was leaving for a mission and so i was happy we were able to squeeze in a session before he had to go. Timothy + Ivey started out as friends until as Timothy puts it. . . he got the guts to ask her out on a date :) their love for each other grew, despite the challenges of  a long distance relationship (Timothy was in Charleston and Ivey was still in Alabama). over the course of a few months, Ivey moved here to the low country and Timothy popped the question and the two wed shortly after that. i was able to see the dedication these two have for one another within just a few short minutes of meeting them. 

unfortunately they are leaving charleston soon since the Air Force needs Timothy in St. Louis, but i hope i run into these two again in the future!! as they begin their new journey i wish them the best and i have no doubt that their love will continue to grow. congrats you two and thank you Timothy for serving in the air force and protecting our nation. 



Zach + Kelly | Charleston Engagement Session

kicking the weekend off with a sneak peek of Zach + Kelly's engagement session! these two are not only stunning but are downright genuine and sweet! i had so much fun with these two as we walked around the city looking for creative backdrops and even venturing to the pineapple water fountain where Zach proposed to Kelly. 

these two have been through so much together and their relationship continues to flourish year after year.  last year their relationship was put to the test when Zach traveled to Alaska for a Summer Internship and even though they spent months apart their love for one another never skipped a beat. congratulations you two! your devotion to one another is so evident and i can't way to see you two tie the knot this October :) 


Martin + Chelsea | Charleston Engagement Session

meet the newly engaged couple, Martin and Chelsea! we braved the crazy charleston cold and headed downtown to document this very special time in their lives. i first met Chelsea at the charleston bridal show last month and she was the lucky winner of the free engagement session! as Martin and her shared their love story with me i was awe-struck on how absolutely beautiful their story was. they have loved each other for nine years and their relationship flourished as they navigated through high school and college together. these two love birds have grown up together, have gone through several chapters in their love story already, and have held each other's hand every step of the way. it was obvious to me that they are so well suited for one another and even after all these years they still have such a deep appreciation for each other. 

congrats you two! i wish you a lifetime of happiness and hope you cherish these pictures through the years. 

The Moe Family

featured on the blog today is one good lookin' family! introducing the Moe Family who braved this crazy charleston winter and ventured downtown to meet me for our session. they recently welcomed sweet baby Anderson into this world and their oldest (Mollie) is so wonderful with her new baby brother. Mollie made me work at getting some smiles but i was so happy to do so because her little laugh was contagious! 

love the warmth in this collection of images. 

Newborn Session - Ethan Henry

this past month has been jam packed full with newborn photo sessions and i am lovin' it! having the opportunity to hang out with tiny little ones for a few hours while curing my baby fever at the same time??! now that's a slam dunk! let me introduce you to Ethan Henry Mason, who i had the pleasure of seeing not once but twice since the first go around he was little bit camera shy. this little man kept us on our toes and i think we got some great shots of his personality. i think my favorite images from the session are the ones with the whole family. Amanda + Matt are doing one heck of a job as new parents and they were a pleasure to work with since newborn sessions are definitely a team effort :) 

congrats you guys! hope you enjoy these pictures of your handsome little man. i hope to see him again for more photos as he continues to grow :)  

Engagement Session - Mandi + Tim

i'm straight up SWOONING over this engagement session guys! check out Mandi + Tim. i've know these two for a few years now and i was thrilled when they asked me to do their engagement pictures. we traveled up and down the cobble streets of charleston and found some amazing backdrops. the chemistry these two have for each other is u n b e l i e v a b l e. once or twice i caught them finishing each other's sentences, belting out the same song at the exact same time, and sneaking in kisses when the camera wasn't even on them. pair all of that with some perfect morning sunlight and waalaaaa - these images! 

congrats you two! looking forward to your wedding in october!!


Newborn Session - Maria "Mia" Rose

check out this cutie! had the pleasure of photographing Mia the other day and she was one of the smallest little ones i've ever seen. she surprised her mom & dad by coming a bit early! so glad Carrie reached out to me and scheduled a session :) Mia was perfect as can be and i think we got some amazing shots. Mia is Carrie and Bobby's first little one and you can see the abundant amount of LOVE these two have for her. congratulations you guys! 

i am just smitten over her and after you all see these photos you will be too! 

Newborn Session - Emilia Kayte

it's always an honor and privilege when friends and family ask me to take their engagement photos, wedding photos, family photos, etc. i mean if i can't share my work with friends and family then why be in this business at all, right?! but when i get asked by friends and family to document and capture images of their little one, there little bundle of joy, the most important and precious little human being in their entire life . . . that is really something. and that's how i felt when Marc and Meghan asked me to take pictures of Emilia Kayte

you guys, she's adorable. beautiful. perfect. and Marc & Meghan make one heck of a team. 

newborn sessions aren't easy. actually their quite tough and take a LOT of patience and time.  Marc & Meghan (along with mom & grandma) stuck it out like champs. Emilia certainly did not want to miss out on the party, so baby girl was wide awake for the entire session but i think we got some great images of her and i honestly think this showcases her personality more than anything. and can we talk about how strong this little girl is? during the session, at 11 days old, she was trying to lift her own head up and i swear she attempted to stand up on her own at one point. so much strength for one tiny little person :) 

now without further adieu, enjoy some of my favorite images from our session. 

Boudoir Sessions// free yourself of boundaries

alright everyone, brace yourself! yes, the photos below are rated PG-13 and yes this post is out of the norm as far as my every day posts go but i'm amped! i've been jumping up and down in anticipation of announcing that i will now be offering boudoir sessions to my clients! 

now maybe boudoir sessions are not your cup of tea, and that's OK! maybe the sheer thought of getting all dolled up and strutting your stuff in front of a camera makes you want to hide and take cover . . . and that's OK too! but let me tell you about these "boudoir sessions". they are incredible, p o w e r f u l, eye opening, and liberating. these sessions have quickly become one of my all time favorite parts of my job and i'm encouraging you to give it a try. 

most photographers will try to sell you on the idea that boudoir sessions are for your man. but i'm not going to do that. and it's because i strongly believe that these sessions are all about you. my objectives behind these sessions is to uncover and reveal your natural BEAUTY (no pun intended), to help free yourself of boundaries, and to give you the opportunity to kick all those thoughts that have to do with imperfections and flaws to the curbside. these sessions are about you, and your man comes second. 

now i know some of you may be thinking . . . i don't think i'll feel comfortable being there solo in my lingerie. and hey, i hear ya! i want my clients to be 100% comfortable during our sessions because i know that being comfortable leads to better photos. so let me tell you what i can bring to the table. i'll bring lots of energy, i'll bring lots of great ideas, i love to laugh and joke with my clients to help lighten up the mood, and i'll be your biggest fan because i am a strong supporter of women having a positive self image. plus did i mention that there will be snacks, champagne, and jam music?! and after all that, if you still don't think you will be 100% comfortable then i encourage you to bring a friend along who can laugh with you and put you more at ease. heck, want to bring multiple friends along and do multiple boudoir sessions? sure, i am game! as long as it makes you more comfortable with the situation. 

so, here's the scoop on how all of this works. 

1. message me for booking, pricing details, questions + availability! 

2. i'll provide the snacks, bubbly, and jam music!

3. bring sexy outfits. a good rule of thumb: bring something white, something black, and something bright in color so you can mix and match. in addition to the lingerie, don't forget your heels and jewelry. 

4. bring a girlfriend with you only if you feel that it would put you more at ease. tip: make sure you pick the friend who makes you laugh so hard that your stomach hurts. this is supposed to be fun!

5. strut your stuff and flaunt your sexiness!

6. payment of $150 includes: copy rights of all edited images, snacks+champagne, private gallery to view all edited images, color/black&white images, time+talent.

the $150 session fee is a special discounted rate for the months of January & February only. book now and get this AWESOME rate. and if i haven't convinced you that these sessions are life changing for a woman, then maybe these images will. 


The Clarke Family

enjoyed meeting the Clark family over the holidays! we had a great session downtown surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city. you wouldn't know it from these pictures, but we were surrounded by shoppers, visitors, and other families prepping for the Christmas season and enjoying the bizarre 70 degree weather in charleston. enjoy a few favorites from our session :) 

The Rogers Family

happy new year's everyone! wow, is it really 2015? the month of december flew by and i was on travel for weeks at a time so this photographer was whooped and needed a week of R&R to regroup, refocus, and get my head straight! i am feeling MUCH better and ready to kick off 2015 with some holiday photos of the Rogers family. i loved the energy from this family, loved how loud the kids laughed, and loved how they looked against Charleston's backdrop! enjoy some of my faves from our session . . . 

Baby Campbell

i was lucky enough to meet the new addition to the Harwood family the other day! welcome to the world sweet baby Campbell! i had the pleasure of photographing the Harwood family right before Campbell made his grand entrance and so i was super honored when Erin asked me to take photos of baby Campbell shortly after he was born. his big sister Harper is such a wonderful big sister to her new baby brother and i couldn't be more happier for Erin & Todd! enjoy some of my favorites from the session!